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    The 1.8 Update for Minetown has finally arrived! And with it comes a few things:

    -New blocks will be added to the admin shop
    -Spawn will be getting several areas regenerated
    -Top voter is coming back better than ever

    View more details on the Manager Notes, found here! http://mt.gg/thread/17131400

    Thank you everyone for being patient while we applied the update!
    *Photoshopped image coming soon*


    Agharta is finally open to public!

    I'm fully aware we are late on the schedule and I'm sorry for it, but sadly things often doesn't go as planned.

    Upon login, you'll receive a book that will cover most of the things you should know about the server. This book is still being written and will be continously updated.

    There are also a bunch of things that are not yet fully set up on the server. Setting up a server of this size is a very tedious task and involves a great amount of thinking and planning.
    We would have liked to finish everything before releasing it, but I think we are already too much behind our schedule and it is ready enough to be played.

    We will be finalizing the configuration of the server in the upcoming days and weeks. At this moment the following features are yet to be implemented:

    - Item transfer plugin
    - AdminShop
    - CreditShop
    - Voting Prizes
    - Spawn information
    - Mayors and deputes elections
    - And much more... stay tuned.

    Please report bugs and problems you may encounter in the feedback thread. Thank you.

    Also please note that the MTC accounts were taxed of 80% like previously announced in the revamp changes.

    See you !

    Hey everyone,

    As we promised something for the 1st;

    Here is the long awaited list of planned and already underway changes for the revamp.

    • Changes in donation packs;
    • New donation page (should be up soon)
    • /tpa and tpahere is now a member perk on all servers except PVP, Prison, Events, Wildlands
    • /kittycannon command was added
    • Object disguise was added
    • Animal disguise was added
    • /ptime and /pweather commands were added
    • /rename command was added
    • /back command was added
    • /ci command was added
    • /feed command was added
    • /heal command was added
    • Some kits were optimized
    • Virtual Enderchests were added
    • Spawn plots on Agharta added
    • Single packs donation packs (added in the upcoming weeks)
    • Main renamed to Classic
    • Agharta becomes "Main"
    • Inventory transfer system from Classic to Agharta (Credits fee per transfer, no iron, gold or diamond and other items to be specified)
    • Pets added to Agharta
    • Mayor and region system for Shamballah city
    • Guests allowed to build on Agharta past 9000 blocks.
    • Self region protection system on Agharta (no need to wait for PEs any more)
    • Switch from Mumble to TS3
    • WorldMap updates to Agharta
    • Economy one time tax
    • Numerous minigames servers (coming out in the upcoming weeks)
    • Voting rewards changes
    • Top voters page
    • Few plugins changes
    • Possible expansion of Classic server map
    • PVP server revamp
    • FTB server revamp

    These changes will occur in the next days. We plan the full release by 08/08/2013.

    Your feedbacks and opinions are more than welcome, please submit them on this thread.

    See you!


    For those of you who remember MCBall, well it is now back to Minetown and added to the hub!

    After few months, we decided to form a new partnership together.

    That means you may now access the server via the ingame command " /server mcball "

    There is also a new capture the flag gameplay available on a second server, accessible with " /server mcballctf " or " /server ctf "

    For those unfamiliar with MCBall, it is a custom "ball game" where you have to kill other players shooting snowballs at them, developed by our developer waffletastic.

    The MCBall website and forums will remain separate from Minetown's one and is accessible at http://mcball.net

    More updates coming soon. Stay tuned !

    See you