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Feed The Beast Minetown

[1337] Sayomie RETIRED posted Jan 23, 13  -  1337epicftbminetownmoddedserver

Server IP: ftb.mt.gg
<Download Feed The Beast Client>
Pack: Direwolf20

Minetown now has its very own Feed The Beast DireWolf20 mod pack server. ( MtFTBDW20 for short )

Feed The Beast Direwolf20 is a mod pack based around mods such as IndusterialCraft2, BuildCraft and redpower ( and many many more ) It is a very in depth pack that add tons to the playing experience and is recommended from all noobs to pros.

For those getting started there is the wiki available as well as our own forums FTB section. Due to the complexity of the mod pack we recommend that you look up the mods and their uses through the wiki instead of asking the staff in-game.

The server is on a different permissions base than main so if you want to play you will need to be promoted to member. Post in this forum to get set to member.

Post any suggestions / Bugs / Errors on this thread.

Good luck and let the mining / Creating a super factory begin

legomanat it says I need to get some more mods
SKRkracker I keep trying to update the client to the server's standards, but i can't log in. Is there a separate modpack ...
rokitchikin x The link here to download the client isnt working. Also the jar and exe on their site files cant be downloaded either. I...

December's Top Voters

[1337] Sayomie RETIRED posted Jan 3, 13  -  1337contestMinetownvotewinners

Mouse over their names to see their prizes !
Congratulations to our winners !

The votes on the top sites have been reset. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.
Thank you for your support, every vote counts !
Yield RETIRED Fixed the pictures =3 Thanks for voting, guys!
[1337] Sayomie RETIRED All perks and MTC have been given out
Midnight_Rida Lol, why do I have Mungos picture?
Hey guys,

I felt like a small newspost about what's going on Minetown would be appropriate to keep you updated about what's coming up and our objectives for the next months.

We have a lot planned for the summer. You should start seeing those changes unfold in the upcoming weeks.

1. The server cluster & the new worlds/servers

We know this has been discussed for quite some time, and that other servers have came up with similar setups. However, it needs to be mentioned that most of these servers are running the same solution that has been coded by the same person.

The reason why it's taking us so much time to get this up and running is that we are working on our own completely custom solution. Our cluster software will be matchless and second to none; a truly unique and revolutionary way to servers hosting.

As of now, we are unable to provide any precise date for the complete release of the new worlds, especially considering that Minecraft will be releasing another update in the next weeks that will drastically change the game mechanisims. A lot of the cluster software will be affected by it and will have to be rewritten with new standards, and since we wouldn't like to release our solution and then have to take it offline due to Minecraft updates, we are delaying the release until Minecraft gets this new version out.

You can get an idea of the worlds that we plan to release when this is completed by having a look at the poll on the right side of this page. (which we also encourage you to participate in)

We apologize for taking so much time; great achievements do not come under short delay, but we have some other stuff coming up to keep you entertained in the meantime.

2. The PVP server

I'm happy to announce that we have been working forward on a partnership with DynamusX, the owner of a PVP server and a few other websites in the Minecraft scene (hosting and top sites).

We decided to merge our efforts together and are planning to run his PVP server under the Minetown brand. On top of being a server owner and webmaster, he works in the programming & hosting industry in his everyday life and will be participating in the conception of our custom cluster solution.

Few things still need to be worked onto and planned, but we are intending to release the PVP server by the end of this month / by the start of June.

Additional details will be given upon release, but we are working on a completely different concept than the current one for this server. No registrations or applications will be needed to play on this server and that should also make it act as some sort of springboard into the world of Minetown for new members that lack the patience to go through the somewhat fastidious process of joining our server.

3. Minecon 2012

While no additional details have been released about Minecon at this moment other than the certitude of its happening, we are happy and proud to announce that we will be attending the event. As soon as we obtain more details on it we will initiate the procedures to obtain a booth.

We should be able to produce a lot better media coverage of the event this year as numerous members of our staff are already planning to attend the event.

More details about this will be given out as we learn where it will be holded.

4. Minecraft Quarterly

Minetown is proud to announce itself as one of the top sponsor for the new upcoming Minecraft Quarterly magazine !

We will be featured on 2 pages (17"x11") of the magazine in the upcoming June issue.

Check it out at http://mcquarterly.com !

5. Social networking

We've given a small refresh to our social network accounts and we just wanted to bring up a small reminder about them.

Join and follow us on these to participate in special raffles and contests that will be organized on them !

6. Voting system update

For those of you who keep updated with the forum topics, you might have noticed this thread about the growing problem of faking votes.

We will be updating the vote system in the next days to confirm captchas for it to be fully ready for the month of June.

See you around !

Minetown - Mining since 09/2010 !
And we're not done mining anytime soon !

[ICY] ReVeNgE Top Voters of May?
Victor Salvador Hello, if minecon 2012 is in London or somewhere in England, I may be going. Could I represent minetown there?

Minetown February Build event theme is Valentine's Day or Anti Valentine's Day!
The top 3 winners of the Building event will each win a copy of Beat Hazard and Minetown Credits

To join the event Enter the Event world and find an Unused lot. Stand in it and make a Pe ( /pe open I Want This Event Lot :) Thx )

There is a change. You now get more Gold for your project
There is a "LOOT CHEST" in the shop where you can get 2 stacks of Gold Per Day
Builds will now be judged purely on creativity.

Spawn Market Lots Lottery has finished and winners announced

Heiwashin and others will also be running several events during the week/month.

Many thanks to Steve Hunt who donated 7 copies of his game Beat Hazard for prizes to be used in upcoming events

About the new world and new hardware

Hello fellow Minetownians,

I know a lot of you are impatiently waiting for the new world and the new hardware, we are too.
As always, nothing goes as expected and the set up of the new hardware got delayed due to necessary SSDs firmware update that came out recently. We've made a decent progression on the construction of the MT1.0 world. We would have liked to release the world sooner, but we finally decided to plan the release at the same time as the new hardware.

At the same moment, we will take the oportunity to rebuild the server entirely in a more optimized way. We will rebuild and rethink everything from A to Z to make the server run at its best.
Our dev team is currently working on multiple custom projects to optimize the server in various means. As usual, we are always looking for new talented developers/system admins/network experts to join the team. If you think you have what it takes and have some time on your hands that you would like to contribute to Minetown, fill an application here! We expect the new server to be ready within 1-2 weeks if no other problems show up until then. And do not worry about the current server/world,as it been mentioned numerous times, everything will be kept. The two servers/worlds are going to be merged and it should be explicitly impossible to tell to which of the 2 you will be connected.

Thank you for choosing Minetown as your Minecraft server !


Top voters of last month

As usual, the votes restarted for the month on the top sites. We encourage you to go vote ! Your votes are an important part of Minetown's growth and success. Please vote for us as much as you can, it really does help.

The rewards for the top voters rewards are:
1st. 35$ donator pack + 15000 MT credits
2nd. 20$ donator pack + 10000 MT credits
3rd. 10$ donator pack + 5000 MT credits

And the winners for the month of January are:
Top voters
tomcort - 1st
Baneman - 2nd
Jahaoronnie - 3rd
Congratulation to our winners and thanks for voting !
See you!
jezze707 my server ad is :25565
Forte259 So, two weeks has passed, what is the status of the new hardware and the new world? Thx
tsm200 omg i can't wait for the news server

The December Winter Wonderland Building Competition has now begun ! For those wishing to enter the competition, jump over to the event world find, a un-claimed lot, stand in it and create a petition asking to be added to the competition. The entrance is located under the spawn tree. Good luck to all participants !

Edit:  We will be giving away a free copy of Cobalt to the competition winner ! The contest will be expanded until January 2 !

New worlds:
To keep you guys entertained meanwhile we work on the new MT1.0 world, we decided to bring back some of our old worlds, with a new taste of course.

Skylands: After many months we decided to bring back the skylands ! The entrance is located under the altar in the cathedral for the moment.
WarWorld: We are also re-introducing the WarWorld with a brand new concept. "Skills and "grenades" will be usable in this world. Chaos guaranteed.

Epic creation of November, by tsm200:

Epic Creation of November by Tsm200

Last month's Epic Creations competition comes to a end and the judging has concluded.

tsm200 - 1st Place - with his Epic Mansion, winning 25,000 Credits
PyreFangs - 2nd Place - with her Crazy Stairs, winning 15,000 Credits
Kong999 and Binkleplease- 3rd Place - with their Pagoda, winning 5,000 Credits each
Congratulations to our winners !

Edit: To counter the deadly warps and teleports issue caused by bukkit development builds and outdated plugins, we enabled automatic teleport on void falling and suffocation.
Those will be disabled once the problem is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience, we try our best to deal with those issues.
isoccerplayer lol the image was removed XD
Dalekaidan how do i become memeber chat??
tsm200 WARP is: tsml
Don't forget to vote for us.
Every vote counts!

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