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All our servers are now up to date, running 1.6.2.

Minecraft is updating to 1.6.0 on Monday (July 1). As with all updates we advise that you wait to update or backup your current client so that you may continue to play on Minetown

We will be updating the servers to 1.6.0 as soon as possible. As usual, we have to wait for Bukkit and some plugins to be updated. In the meantime, we will be hosting a temporary 1.6.0 server for your entertainment.

Temp server IP: ss.mt.gg

Some of the major changes that are occurring with this new Minecraft version are:

- New Minecraft Launcher

- Resource pack System

- Horses, Donkeys and Mules

- Decorative Carpet Block

- Hardened and Stained Clay Blocks

- Coal Block

- Hay Bales

- Name Tag

!!Click on any of the changes for more information on them!!

Mouse over their names to see their prizes !
Congratulations to our winners !

The votes on the top sites have been reset. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.
Thank you for your support, every vote counts !
Hagan RETIRED I may be the only one, but I am most excited about the coal block. No more black/purple obsidian to go with the snow or ...
Fettuccini There is a clear and unacceptable horse bias here. I demand an immediate recount.
jc199710 Helper jimbo i think it says that perfectly in the thread w

The December Winter Wonderland Building Competition has now begun ! For those wishing to enter the competition, jump over to the event world find, a un-claimed lot, stand in it and create a petition asking to be added to the competition. The entrance is located under the spawn tree. Good luck to all participants !

Edit:  We will be giving away a free copy of Cobalt to the competition winner ! The contest will be expanded until January 2 !

New worlds:
To keep you guys entertained meanwhile we work on the new MT1.0 world, we decided to bring back some of our old worlds, with a new taste of course.

Skylands: After many months we decided to bring back the skylands ! The entrance is located under the altar in the cathedral for the moment.
WarWorld: We are also re-introducing the WarWorld with a brand new concept. "Skills and "grenades" will be usable in this world. Chaos guaranteed.

Epic creation of November, by tsm200:

Epic Creation of November by Tsm200

Last month's Epic Creations competition comes to a end and the judging has concluded.

tsm200 - 1st Place - with his Epic Mansion, winning 25,000 Credits
PyreFangs - 2nd Place - with her Crazy Stairs, winning 15,000 Credits
Kong999 and Binkleplease- 3rd Place - with their Pagoda, winning 5,000 Credits each
Congratulations to our winners !

Edit: To counter the deadly warps and teleports issue caused by bukkit development builds and outdated plugins, we enabled automatic teleport on void falling and suffocation.
Those will be disabled once the problem is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience, we try our best to deal with those issues.
isoccerplayer lol the image was removed XD
Dalekaidan how do i become memeber chat??
tsm200 WARP is: tsml
Ender Dragon
Mojang has released Minecraft V1.0
Currently Minetown is running Minecraft 1.8 and will not be updated till such a time as Bukkit updates as well as several of the key Plugins that we use. 
If you want to continue playing on Minetown you can NOT update.

If you want to update and still play on Minetown then create a backup of your .Minecraft Folder.
  1. Open Search Bar

  2. Type %appdata% into it

  3. Open the roaming folder

  4. Copy the .Minecraft folder to a different location

  5. Update

  6. Replace your current one with the back-up to roll-back to 1.8

The only rule on this server is no harassing other players. 
There will be no protections and this is a temp server so nothing created there will be kept.

Edit 2: If you are having the error " Invalid Server Key " when trying to connect to a 1.0.0 Minecraft server the you can fix this by downloading this bug fixer and running the installer. This error is a Mojang error and does not have to do with Minetown or other Minecraft servers. All credit for the creation of this plugin go to sk89q
charlie09876543 im stuck in the market help me plz
BeforeCalamity The temp server has been down for 24 hours. Any news of it coming back up?
Myriad Can any one give me a date on when minetown will be updated it has been almost a week now?!?!
Don't forget to vote for us.
Every vote counts!

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All donations goes into paying for the server and into the maintenance, improvement and expansion of the EximiusGaming network. Running Minetown is expensive and your donations help to make it grow and succeed. Thanks for your donations and support that helped making Minetown what is it today and what it will be tomorrow.
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