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Minecraft Diamond Our servers are currently updated to 1.8. Make sure to update your client to use Minecraft version 1.8.1
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Hey guys !

That's right it's already out !

As usual the main servers will be updated as soon as a stable bukkit 1.4 release is available for them.

You can now connect to the main servers using a 1.4 client.

In the mean time we invite you to come discover the new features with us on our 1.4 vanilla temp server.

Main servers: MT.GG
1.4 temp server: MT.GG:1337

More news concerning Minecon & other stuff coming soon !

See you !

EDIT: Our servers are now allowing 1.4 clients connections. We are using a patched 1.3 server client to make this possible. Which means that the 1.4 features are not available yet. This is the most we can do at the moment as there isn't any bukkit version released for 1.4 yet.
KnightAlif what ip server?
swilmes Is Minetown Hub not working?
8x8johan RETIRED You can't play on main unless you update lol ...

As the Minecraft scene gets older and evolves, some things change and some others must be adapted. For the past ~2 years, Minetown always been a "closed community", where membership, gained thru application approval, was required to play on our worlds.

This system allowed us to build a much more mature, and also of better quality, community than others as the "bad members" were rejected. Although, this way of functioning also been "a nuisance" under some other aspects by cutting down a lot of potential members, ending up in reducing our playerbase drastically.

To keep up with the scene and with the impressive amount of servers there are nowadays, something had to be done about this, but without affecting what made Minetown was it is today and destroying what took 2 years to achieve.

It is in this state of mind that the following concept was developed, to expand Minetown's horizons without ruining what has already been made.

Introducing the Minetown Wildlands!

A brand new and unique world that is playable without any membership and offering a "vanilla-esqe" experience. The Wildlands are rendered using a custom generator which will create a Minecraft world like never seen before.

The Wildlands are also branched with the PlotWorld where you can safely build your home. You can travel between the two by using the commands: "/go plotworld - /go wildlands".

Visit it now !

The ranks of the member worlds do not transpose to the Wildlands and few other details are still being decided.

Please report bug(s) here if you encounter any.

More stuff to come in the next days & weeks.

See you!
ironnarwal i cant open it i spent 1 year building my house in plotworld and i was just getting to the good part! the only part of m ...
plaggers guys can somebody help me because my minecraft says i cant conect to a server but i bought it today and i need help and ...
drpepper1344 reading this, then missing MT 2 years ago :/

May's Top Voters

sawine aOwner posted Jun 1, 12  -  contestminecraft servertop votersvotewinners
Mouse over their names to see their prizes !
Congratulations to our winners !

The votes on the top sites have been reset. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.
Thank you for your support, every vote counts !
Zionia RETIRED yea, dont forget there are a good number that reset every 12 hours...thats how i got my top voter last year...
CyberDrifter tag I thought that I would be in the top 3, I voted every time I could after refreshing the page every day. It would be int ...
pessimist93 gz to the winners ...

April's Top Voters

sawine aOwner posted May 1, 12  -  contestminecraft servertop votersvote

And the top voters for the month of April are...

Mouse over their names to see their prizes !
April's Top Voters
 RabidCrab is also almost ex aequo with Kong999, so we'll reward him some credits as well !
Congratulations to our winners !

The votes on the top sites have been reset. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.
Thank you for your support, every vote counts !
theflamingoat Username: theflamingoat When you were banned : 5/22/12( date not exact) Person who banned you: [Mod+] Yield Reason you w ...
[Bass]ՏօղíϲKong Top voters of June will be Subignition, tomcort, and I ...
EagleGuy113 i wanna win

As usual, the end of the month comes with the announcement of the top voters. We decided this time to also announce the winners of the New Worlds Contest and of the Valentine's Day Event(better late than never).

Mouse over their names to see their prizes !

Congratulations to our winners !

The votes on the top sites will reset in the next hours. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.
Thank you for your support, every vote counts !
BARNEY626 When will the new worlds be implicated I want to see what the staff have done with my idea So exited! ...
Nemenix RETIRED Sure ^^
Don't forget to vote for us.
Every vote counts!

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