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Minecraft Diamond Minecraft 1.8 has been released! If you have your client profile set to use the latest Minecraft version, you will need to downgrade or create an alternate 1.7 profile to connect to Minetown while we wait for Bukkit to release a semi-stable update.
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Maintenance & Server transfer

By sawine aOwner - Posted Apr 28, 12
The new servers cluster is up and running !

( No...they are not hosted in a basement... this picture was taken before the servers were sent to the datacenter. )

The server has been transferred to the new hardware, almost everything should be working as normal, please report any issue(s) you may encounter.

EDIT: The performance for the next hours will be below normal as we are pre-generating the remaining amount of ungenerated chunks up to the world borders to reduce future server load.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but that will make the server run a lot better on the long term.

We are currently finalizing the transfer of the main world to our new server cluster.

The server will be down for the next 5-15 minutes for the backup and transfer. After that we will bring back online the current server and let you guys have some fun with TNT while we finish configuring the stuff on the new hardware.

For the moment there won't be really any noticeable difference on the cluster (other than less lag due to better hardware) but in the next days we will be setting up the proxy software that will allow you to travel between multiple servers and worlds easily. We will keep you updated on the progress.

The performance of the server will get better in the next days and week as we lighten the main server instance and establish the new worlds/servers on separate instances. 
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