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Top voters of December

By sawine aOwner - Posted Jan 1, 12


As usual, the votes restarted for the month on the top sites. We encourage you to go vote ! Your votes are an important part of Minetown's growth and success. Please vote for us as much as you can, it really does help.

The rewards for the top voters rewards are:
1st. 35$ donator pack + 15000 MT credits
2nd. 20$ donator pack + 10000 MT credits
3rd. 10$ donator pack + 5000 MT credits

And the winners for the month of December are:
Baneman - 1st (for a fourth consecutive month !!1)
Nick663 - 2nd
Forte259 - 3rd
Congratulation to our winners and thanks for voting !
See you!
Don't forget to vote for us.
Every vote counts!

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