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Minecraft Diamond Our servers are currently updated to 1.8. Make sure to update your client to use Minecraft version 1.8.1
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Name Changes are Upon Us!

kosakriszi MtMDEVtag posted Feb 4, 15

name changes


Name Changes Are Here! :O


Will I lose anything on the server if I change my name?

Unfortunatley, you will lose your homes and MTC. This can be

fixed by making a simple PE, with your old account's name.

We will give you your MTC back, and help you find your homes!


Check out this post on Mojang's blog

to learn more about name changes!


ShadowBandit97 Will changing your name affect locked chests and land protection?
JoeNoIce what about the case that i dont want to change my name back to the original one i had? cause i changed my name to JoeNoI ...
Enderguy9 cool! probably not gonna change my name, not risking to lose it. Who's gonna change their name?

Top Voter January

Pljz MtMbuild posted Feb 1, 15

Congratulations to Blackshark220 for being the Top Voter for January! We will contact you in game for access to the town and discounted shop, and your forum tag has been assigned, along with a tag in game, "[TV]".

In regards to the ticket raffle for the top 8 voters, Crimsoniic was the victor. Your prize, an ocelot spawn egg, will be given the next time a management member sees you online.

Malkovich RETIRED Congrats to Blackshark, who is now a Samsung Smart Television that helps the NSA spy on your deepest darkest secrets.
dzoumaya. RETIRED this looks weird

Build Event!

YouFoundMe RETIRED posted Jan 6, 15

Hello Minetown,


As February quickly approaches it’s time that we start planning for a new spawn build.This months build event will be displayed the entire month of February.The theme is simple anything that as to do with the month of February.Granted most of you will stick to the Valentines theme but if you want feel free to celebrate some of the other major holidays this February.These include Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, and Chinese New Year (Year of the SHEEP!).So at this time I challenge all of you to start planning your builds and coming up with ideas.The Event will officially open on the 07th of January and you will have 3 weeks to build.Good luck!


Get there by typing "/server event” then "/warp FebSpawn”



Keep all builds within the rules of the Minetown Server.

Stick to the themes listed. (Valentines, Presidents Day, Groundhog Day, or Chinese New Year)

Complete builds by the 30th of January.




1st: 50,000 MTC

2nd: 25,000 MTC

3rd: 10,000 MTC

ShadowzHunterz i still haven't received my money :/
ShadowzHunterz I wanna know who won ...
Leo Build Goat and Sheep.

Minetown 1.8!

Pljz MtMbuild posted Dec 23, 14  -  updates

The 1.8 Update for Minetown has finally arrived! And with it comes a few things:

-New blocks will be added to the admin shop
-Spawn will be getting several areas regenerated
-Top voter is coming back better than ever

View more details on the Manager Notes, found here! http://mt.gg/thread/17131400

Thank you everyone for being patient while we applied the update!

A new dawn for management

sawine aOwner posted Oct 27, 14
Greetings everyone, 
As most of you are probably aware by now, ModernDragoness decided to step down from her Co-Owner rank because she had to attend other dragoness duties elsewhere.

Her departure is without a doubt leaving a void in the Minetown management. I will also use this opportunity to leave this little note as a public word of thanks for everything she did for this server.

To resolve this management issue, a new rank was created in the staff; The Manager rank. (The Mod+ rank is also being eradicated)

This rank is meant to be "a mix of" the mod+ rank and the admin rank, with a few technicalities. The duties of the Managers will be quite diverse. They are in charge of the majority of the management on the server.
Instead of listing the very long list of things they are in position to do; let's put it simply: they have just as much decisive power as the owner rank. A distinction from the owner rank is that they will take actions as a group, and not as individuals.

The owner rank of course has veto power on their decisions, but I do not believe I will have to use it :).

So enough with the explanations, let me introduce you the new Managers!

Please give a warm "welcome" to DannyBoyG1, GRIFFF, Kosakriszi, Leronzadok and Pljz !

We are currently working together and planning a lot of changes for Minetown. You should hear about them soon!


Leo Build grif pls
User congrats guys x3 . May the community live on and prosper in the team's gentle wake, every step of the way ...
Malkovich RETIRED Congrats guys! I knew Kossa was holding out for a management position ;)
Don't forget to vote for us.
Every vote counts!

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